Stuart Thurlkill

Owner / Photographer / Director 


Stuart Thurlkill, Owner and Principal of Thurlkill Studios LLC is a a storyteller at heart. Stuart's desire is to act as a visual interpreter in an image saturated world. By moving our focus from the trite & trivial to the substantial & precious I hope to free others to be more fully human. I spent my early childhood in the mountain towns of South Lake Tahoe, California and Missoula, Montana were I learned to appreciate the outdoors. These vast landscapes inspired me with their rivers, trees, wildlife and snow caped peaks. While exploring the beauty of these majestic places I discovered a strong passion for photography. Through my many adventures I found that the camera acted as a passport into interesting places and the lives of the people that live there. My passion for story telling and my general curiosity launched me into the world of Photojournalism. While studying Journalism and Native American Studies at the University of Montana I pursued work at newspapers in Washington, Kansas, Georgia, Florida and Montana. After graduating from the University of Montana I took a job with a group of Newspapers in Chicago, Illinois. In 2003 I started my freelance career in editorial, commercial and advertising photography. My interest has always been in the human condition and the power of visual communication to change peoples perceptions and circumstances. Our immediate challenge is to see our community, neighbors, and work with new eyes and fresh understanding.